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City of the Big Shoulders

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    Set at the turn of the century, shortly after the second great Chicago Fire, City of the Big Shoulders is a euro-style, resource management and worker placement game with an 18xx-style economic engine. Take on the role of entrepreneur and investor as you build one of 15 historical companies, hiring workers, acquiring resources, and producing goods to line your pockets and become Chicago’s greatest resident.


    • Worker Placement — You will place partners on action spaces to perform actions on behalf of your companies.
    • 18xx-Style Stock Mechanics — You will start companies, trade in shares, buy and sell shares of other companies and track your companies value on a stock track over the course of the game. At the end of the game you will sell all your shares to the bank to calculate a final payout and add to your total score. The most money wins!
    • Resource Management — You will manage coal, wood, livestock and steel in order to produce goods which you will sell to gain revenue.
    • Tile Placement — You and your opponents will select which actions are available each round in a dynamically generated game, creating a complete different experience every time you play.
    • Engine Building — You will hire workers to man your factories, hire managers to gain production bonuses, hire sales people to sell your goods at higher prices and acquire capital assets which grant special powers to your company further improving its abilities and value creation.

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